Omnigrid Tote Size FoldAway portable ironing and cutting station

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Tote Size FoldAway Item #: 2105

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About this Product: 

The Omnigrid® Gear tote size FoldAway™ is a portable pressing and cutting station for quilters and sewists; it features an 8” x 11” Omnigrid® cutting mat and non-stick ironing surface; use it for trimming and pressing foundation blocks, and for cutting around templates.

  • The FoldAway™ is convenient – its easy-to-use ironing and cutting surfaces are side-by-side, and it can be used on any work surface
  • The FoldAway™ is space-saving – you can use both sides or fold one side under; it’s ideal when space is limited
  • It’s perfect for classes and travel – it fits right in your tote
Quantity: 1
Size: 8 in x 11 in
Item Number: 2105
UPC: 762511021058
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