Omnigrid Glow-Line Tape

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Glow-Line Tape Item #: 2102

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About this Product: 

Omnigrid® Glow-Line™ Tape is a transparent fluorescent tape for highlighting lines and shapes on rulers; use it to highlight measurements used repeatedly during a project or to create project-specific angles on a ruler.

  • Glow-Line™ Tape is low tack and easy to use – it won’t leave residue on your ruler so it’s easy to apply and remove from rulers
  • You can use Glow-Line™ Tape either underneath or on top of InvisiGrip™
  • It’s great for beginners to aid in locating measurements, and it’s a time-saver for specialty cutting
  • Package contains 3 colors: pink, orange and yellow
Item Number: 2102
UPC: 762511021027
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