OmniEdge 4" x 36" quilting ruler

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4" x 36" OmniEdge Ruler Item #: RE436

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About this Product: 

The OmniEdge™ 4” x 36” ruler has a 1/8” lip that catches on your cutting mat to prevent slipping during cutting; the ruler’s lip, or channel, is easily removed to position the ruler as desired.

  • The OmniEdge 4” x 36” ruler has highlighted outer edges that reduce cutting errors when trimming ¼” seam allowances
  • The ruler’s numbers and marks are highlighted for easy reading and accurate cuts
  • The OmniEdge ruler is idea for cutting straight and bias pieces
  • The ruler includes 45º and 60º angle lines and 1/8” grid
  • Use with a rotary cutter or a straight-edge blade
  • The OmniEdge 4” x 36” ruler has the following standard Omnigrid® / Omnigrip® features:
    • Patented non-slip backing to hold ruler in place during cutting
    • Edge markings for accurate measuring
    • Laser cut edges for smooth, deep cutting
    • Patented double-sight lines that show up on light and dark fabrics
    • Heavy-duty durable acrylic material
    • Left- and right-hand numbering and angle system 
Quantity: 1
Size: 4 in x 36 in
Item Number: RE436
UPC: 762511504360
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