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60 mm Straight Rotary Blade Item #: 2068

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About this Product: 

The Omnigrid® 60 mm rotary blade is used with the Omnigrid 60 mm rotary cutter for cutting materials for quilting, sewing, DIY home decorating and crafting projects – it will cut fabric, paper, leather, vinyl, mat board and foam core in any direction.

  • The Omnigrid 60 mm rotary blade is made of the finest quality tungsten-carbon steel
  • Always use a rotary cutting mat to protect not only your surface, but your blade
  • For best results, use with the Omnigrid 60 mm rotary cutter; can be used with most other 60 mm rotary cutters
Quantity: 1
Size: 60 mm
Item Number: 2068
UPC: 7625110203686
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