We're glad you're interested in working with Prym Consumer USA. We're looking forward to reviewing your product concept and would like to outline the next steps of the submission process for you, so you know what to expect. Here's how it works:

STEP NUMBER ONE - Initiating Contact

Provide us with your contact information: You may e-mail this information to us using our online submission form, or you may mail this information to us at:

Prym Consumer USA Inc.
P.O. Box 5028
Spartanburg, SC 29304

Once we obtain your contact information we will send you a confidentiality agreement. Our standard confidentiality agreement will protect both parties. 

STEP NUMBER TWO - Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

Complete and return our standard confidentiality agreement.

Click here to download the standard confidentiality agreement.


Fill in the blanks to complete TWO copies of the confidentiality agreement.

  • For "name" you may use your personal name or a company name if you are the representative of a company. The name that is listed will be the legally obligated party.
  • For "address" use your current legal mailing address.
  • For "general product / concept description" provide a basic description that accurately describes your product or concept.

Sign and date BOTH copies and mail them BOTH to:

Prym Consumer USA Inc.
P.O. Box 5028
Spartanburg, SC 29304

We will sign and date the TWO copies and send one back to you for your files.

STEP NUMBER THREE - Product Concept Submission

Send a written product concept brief and support materials/samples (optional) by mail to:

Prym Consumer USA Inc. Corporation
P.O. Box 5028
Spartanburg, SC 29304

Some suggestions for information to provide in your concept brief include:

  • Product Description
  • Product Uses
  • Target Consumer
  • Target Retail Price Range
  • Design Options
  • Product History
  • Known Competition

STEP NUMBER FOUR - Product Management Review

The Product Management Team meets once every quarter to review new products. You may e-mail us at any time at productsubmissions@dritz.com to request the date of the next Product Management Team New Product Submission Review meeting. If your confidentiality agreement and concept brief are ready then your product will be reviewed at the next meeting.After your product has been reviewed you will be notified by post if it has passed the initial review process.If your product did not pass the initial product review all materials will be returned to you.
If your product does pass the initial product review then someone will call you and discuss options and next steps.


Please note that Prym Consumer USA receives many product submissions as well as developing our own internal concepts. If a similar concept or idea is already in our product files then we will notify you and close your concept file at that time.

For any questions please e-mail us at productsubmissions@dritz.com.