See how to cut and apply Omnigrid® InvisiGrip™ to quilting rulers and templates to prevent slipping while rotary cutting. Clear for unobstructed viewing, the non-slip material can be removed without leaving residue. InvisiGrip™ is helpful for beginners who are just learning how to handle rulers; it can also be applied to the back of cutting mats to prevent the mat from slipping on a tabletop. InvisiGrip™ may also be used in sewing and crafting activities. 

See how to change the blade on your Omnigrid® rotary cutter. Using a sharp rotary blade makes cutting easier. Keep a spare one handy in case you need to change it before or during a quilting, sewing, DIY home decorating and crafting project. Made of the finest quality tungsten-carbon steel, use an Omnigrid® rotary blade (with an Omnigrid® Rotary Cutter) to cut materials such as fabric, paper, leather, vinyl, mat board and foam core. 

See how to use the Omnigrid® Gear FoldAway as a portable pressing and cutting station. Convenient and easy-to-use, the non-stick ironing surface and Omnigrid cutting mat are side-by-side and can be used on any work surface—with both sides lying flat or one side folded under the other. Great for trimming and pressing foundation blocks, and for cutting around templates, it’s perfect for classes, travel and where space is limited. Handles make it easy to transport or store.

See how to use an Omnigrid® rotary cutter to cut fabric, paper, leather, vinyl, mat board and even foam core. The rotary blade is protected by a safety guard that slides back when pressure is applied, exposing the blade to cut through materials. Once you lift the cutter from the surface, the guard slides back into place covering the blade and providing protection. There’s no button to press to engage or release the blade. The rotary cutter does it automatically. 

See how to use the Omnigrid® ruler grip to provide a steady grip on your ruler and keep your fingers away from the rotary cutting blade, while you’re cutting fabrics for quilting, sewing and crafting projects. Featuring double suction cups, the ruler grip works on clean, smooth surface rulers or templates. Easy to use, it attaches in seconds.

See how to use the Omnigrid® ruler rack to keep your rulers handy and your workspace clear. Made out of wood, it has five slots to store rulers upright and visible without rulers touching, which prevents scratching. It is a space-saving solution for ruler storage for quilters, sewists, crafters and anyone who uses Omnigrid® rulers.

See how to use Omnigrid® Glow-Line™ Tape to mark measurements used repeatedly during a project and also to highlight lines and shapes on rulers when you need to create project-specific angles. This easy-to-use, see-through fluorescent tape allows you to see marks and measurements on the ruler. Being low tack, it won’t leave residue on your ruler, so it’s easy to apply and remove from rulers.

See how to use the Omnigrid® marking trio to quickly and accurately perform a variety of marking tasks. The center line is exactly 1/4 inch (0.25 in) from both edges of the ruler. This provides an accurate reference line for: marking quarter inch sewing lines, adding quarter inch seam allowances, checking quarter inch seam allowances and marking quarter inch quilting lines.